Improvement of the resilience of the strategic economic sectors of the Co-operation Area coastline (tourism, maritime traffic and the harbour sector, fishing and shellfish sector, including offshore aquaculture or marine renewable energies) through the development of climate services that allow anticipate the risks associated with climate change.

MarRisk will allow evaluating the evolution of the coastal climate, improving the resolution of the currently existing ones, will enable monitoring and surveillance systems of this evolution and will make available to the Public Administrations, economic agents and society in general support tools to decision-making that improve coastal management.


Activity 1: Clean and homogeneous data series, ready to be used. Set of indicators that allow monitoring and preventing the effects of climate change on the coastDownload pdf

Activity 2: Detailed scenarios of the evolution of the physical variables (currents, salinity, temperature…), biochemical (dissolved oxygen, pH, nutrients…) and erosion (setback of the coastline) according to different climate change scenarios.Download pdf

Activity 3: Early warning services to prevent damage to infrastructures (overflows, flooding, resonances in harbours). Resilience index calculations in harbours. Cost / benefit of different options for adaptation to climate change. Effects of climate change on living resources. Download pdf

Activity 4: Training materials (guide on climate change). Medium and long-term action plans. Download pdf

Activity 5: Coordination meetings. Download pdf

AActivity 6: Informative material, participation in congresses, published articles. Download pdf