OGC Services (WMS, WCS)

____ MeteoGalicia

• Coastal buoy network layer: png, kmz, GeoRSS
• Platform buoy network layer: png, kmz, GeoRSS

____ MeteoGalicia

____ MeteoGalicia

JSON services (non-standard)

 ____ JSON MeteoGalicia services. They allow to consult information in real time of the buoy network of the Xunta de Galicia: List of all buoys, latest instantaneous data, current status and latest hourly data.

• List of all buoys in the network. request example
• Current status of the network buoys. request example
• Latest instant network data. request example
• Latest hourly data from the network. request example
• Documentation associated with these services. List, current status, last instantaneous data, last hourly data


OpenDAP. Protocol for data access via http. (+)

http. Allows full download of data files.

• WMS. Implementation of the OGC Web Map Service. Protocol that allows the representation of maps. (+)

• WCS. Implementation of the OGC Web Coverage Service.
Protocol for accessing data. (+)