What is Raia
oceanography on the
Atlantic Coast


Throughout the different projects co-financed by the Galicia-North Portugal Cross-Border Collaboration Program (POCTEP), observational, predictive and data making infrastructures have been developed, building up the RAIA Observatory. The RAIA cross-border Observatory brings together a large number of entities on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula with relevant activity in the field of operational oceanography.


Its mission is to provide reliable and useful information on the state of the sea to public administrations, companies and citizens in general, as well as to promote the development of tools and services for these groups that contribute to making the objectives of improving the competitiveness of agents compatible that operate in the marine environment compatible with those of its conservation.

As part of the aforementioned initiatives, the RAIA Observatory receives and gives visibility to the contributions of various entities with varied characteristics and operating mechanisms.

The observatory

The RAIA Observatory partners are committed to promoting and contributing to the consolidation of operational oceanography in the Iberian margin, creating new scientific and technological opportunities that stimulate the economy of the sea.

The RAIA Observatory takes into account and recognizes the experience and knowledge already existing in other operational oceanography networks that act at different national, European and international levels and has a vocation for collaboration and carrying out complementary activities of these initiatives.